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Ann Williams
Let Ann Williams, an expert in Suspensions and all Amazon related Account Health Issues help you get your Seller Account back!
We specialize in Amazon Reseller Account Suspensions:
  • Online Arbitrage Suspensions
  • Retail Arbitrage Suspensions
  • Wholesale Suspensions
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We Have Helped HUNDREDS of UK Sellers GetUnsuspended
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    We can help ANY sellers, but we are experts in helping Amazon resellers doing the Amazon Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage and Wholesale business models due to our strong connections and vast experience with the OA, RA and Wholesale reseller community.
  •   RESULTS GUARANTEED: 100% money back guarantee!  
    If we can't get your account back, you don't pay! (...we have a VERY high success rate and we are confident in our ability, so we put our money where our mouth is)
    We work with you as long as it takes to get your account back for no extra charge!
    No matter what 'experts' might tell you, Amazon rarely lift your suspension without some back and forth, we will be there with you every step of the way however long it takes!
    We do NOT outsource this work like some others do (...it's too important you get this right first time!)
Every Amazon Seller Lives In FEAR Of That DREADED Message...
"Your Amazon selling privileges have been removed!"

Your heart SINKS...

And then you PANIC...

The WORST thing you can do is simply message Amazon back - that's a BIG MISTAKE!

...Because each time you message Amazon, they consider that an "APPEAL"!


Don't Do ANYTHING Else Until You've Spoken To Us & We've Looked At Your Case!

We CAN help you & FAST!

The RIGHT thing to do is what you have done now...

You needed to reach out to somebody experienced that deals with Amazon suspensions EVERY SINGLE DAY...

...DAY IN and DAY OUT and knows the EXACT process to get your account back up and running - FAST!


Would you like us to deal with your suspension WITH you or just get unsuspended FOR you?


Suspension Assist

(done WITH you)

24 hour service
including weekends

  • We investigate your case for you within 72 hours (usually quicker).
  • We send you a step by step, full information pack specific to your case.
  • You write your plan of actions and appeals using our templates.
  • You then have us check them over and suggest edits if necessary
  • You then submit your appeal/POA and wait to hear back from Amazon
  • We then advise you and guide you through what to do next (if anything)
  • All being well, you get your account back!
  • HIGH SUCCESS RATES (95%+ if you follow our instructions correctly)

UK One Time Payment

£299  +VAT

US One Time Payment


Suspension Pro

(done FOR you)

72 hour service
including weekends

  • We investigate your case for you within 24 hours.
  • We write your plan of actions and appeals for you based on our proven appeal system and years of experience.
  • You then submit our appeal/POA and wait to hear back from Amazon
  • We then read Amazon's response and write a response back to them for you.
  • Our team will read & write as many POA's, appeals and responses as necessary for as long as it takes.
  • Ann Williams will directly oversee (or in some cases even write) every email, POA and response for you to send to Amazon.
  • All being well, you get your account back!
  • THE HIGHEST SUCCESS RATES (currently 98%)

UK One Time Payment

£699  +VAT

US One Time Payment


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Not been suspended yet but live in fear of it?
Check out Suspension Safeguard by clicking here

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More questions? Email us... help@getunsuspended.com

We respond within 24 hours (even at the weekends!)

Call us: 0203 442 0700

GetUnsuspended Frequently Asked Questions

The WORST thing you can do is contact Amazon without speaking to us first. Amazon can consider contacts to be "appeals" and can sometimes prematurely "end communications" with you making getting unsuspended virtually impossible at that point through the standard appeals process. Don't contact Amazon first, contact us first or order one of our packages and let us help you.

If you've NOT been suspended yet but want help if or when you do then Suspension Safeguard offers a low priced monthly package that means you get our help if and when you're suspended.

Suspension Assist is for if you have just been suspended and need some guidance but you are happy to write POA's and appeals (with our guidance and templates) and do not have the budget to have us do it for you. This has a 72 hour turnaround time goal. With Assist, we GUIDE you to do it for yourself.

Suspension Pro is our highest service level and it's where we basically do 99% of it for you and you basically just hit submit taking all the work, all the stress, and all of the writing out of it for you. This has a 24 hour turnaround time goal, even on weekends. With Pro, we do it for you.

Nobody can guarantee they can get your account back. If they do, they are lying to you. We do promise we will do everything in our power to help you and treat your case with the level of care and attention that we would if we were doing it for ourselves. We have sucessfully helped hundreds of clients and our success rate and experience is extremely high.

Also, if you purchase the Pro Plan, we offer a full money back guarantee if we aren't successful.

Ultimately the decision is Amazon's and it all depends on your account health and the specifics of the suspension but the honest answer is whilst we can't guarantee it, we do get the vast majority of accounts reinstated.

We can help you with almost any suspension in the including:

- Authenticity Complaints
- Counterfeit Claims
- Used Items
- Sold As New
- IP
- Trademark Infringement
- Copyright Infringement
- Late Shipment Rate
- Order Defect Rate
- Linked Accounts Safety Complaints
- Forged Documents
- Review Manipulation
- Product Safety Complaints
- Rights Owner Notice Of Infringement

And more...

Speak to us, we can help!

We don’t offer a money back guarantee as the decision lies solely with Amazon, and sometimes they deem the act unforgivable so no matter how good of a POA you submit, they may not allow you to sell on the platform anymore. This is very rare, and we will let you know if there is something we believe will be difficult.

Yes! If you purchase the Pro Plan we will answer all your questions, write any emails to Amazon that are required, write as many Plan of Actions as required and do all we can to take the stress and burden away from you.

We would risk your account further by signing into your account so we send you all the written documentation that you need to submit and you then add that to your appeal in Seller Central - it is just a few clicks and not worth risking your account health further for!

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 (...Remember results are GUARANTEED or your money back! 
 If we can't get your account back for you, you don't pay a penny!) 

Let Us Help You Get Your Account Back FAST, EASY & STRESS FREE...

Using Our Many Years Of Experience SUCCESSFULLY Getting HUNDREDS Of UK Sellers Back Up & Running...

We Are THAT Confident We Can Help You!

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OR call us on 0203 442 0700

We are not a part of Amazon.com, Inc. and we do not represent them. We cannot guarantee we will be able to get your account reinstated. We promise no results only that we will make our best efforts to help you. Our success figures are representative only of those clients that followed our procedures and instructions exactly, step-by-step and were told we were highly likely to get them back up and running. We simply help our clients to work with Amazon and guide them to recover their accounts respecting the procedures and systems Amazon have put in place. Suspension Safeguard is only activated 30 days from signing up. Our refunds & guarantees are limited only to the purchase price of our service. Suspension Safeguard and Suspension Assist are not covered by our money back guarantee, Suspension Pro full service is covered for a full money back guarantee.

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